BOWERBIRD COLLECTIONS: Spring 2018 Dusk Collection Launch – by Samantha Haran


At the turn of a windy street-style path on Enoggera Terrace, Paddington, is a beautiful little store. With furnished wooden doors. And an electric blue header-board. A header-board that reads Bowerbird Collections.

It was a Saturday afternoon when I first visited wondered up this path, to the tune of my Google Maps voice. Where was I going? The launch of Ellie and Peta Sweatman’s anticipated Dusk Collection . I had not much prior knowledge of the brand, and no idea what to expect.

As I reached the entrance, I was greeted by a sea of bubbly faces and invigorated conversation. Champagne, cheese and chat were being passed around a crowd of vibrantly-dressed attendees – I gave my name and entered the scene.

And what a scene it was!


The store was something like a vibrant pocket of quirky goodness in otherwise ordinary street. The interior was decked out in bold impressionistic oil paintings, eccentric home decor and beautiful florals. Vivid and wonderful, immediately intriguing. Complete with vintage wooden floors, and distractingly delicious food platters.

It was not long before the show began. Everyone gathered around the make-shift runway, excited to see the designs. And they were not at all disappointed! The collection featured loose-fitting pieces that seamlessly cascade off the body. These were printed with bright, vibrant patterns – many of which were prints of Ellie Sweatman’s very own paintings that decorated the venue. Upbeat music filled the room and the models gracefully circled the room, showing off the collection. In addition to the printed pieces, there was a range of simple, block-coloured items as well – perfect for mixing and matching.

3 and 7



Ellie and Peta closed the show with a beautiful vote of thanks, surprising each attendee with gift to take home, as well as a chance to purchase the collection items immediately.




It was a beautiful and intimate evening and I would like to thank Ellie and Peta so much for allowing me to come along and share in the experience.

Samantha Haran is the founder of her namesake freelance fashion creative consultancy agency, and current Ambassador for Fashion Industry Database (FID). She attends events and networks with local companies on behalf of FID, and assists the database behind-the-scenes with social media and blogging.



Why a Database? by Mathilde Bach Stougaard

Hello there,

My name is Mathilde and I’m the Founder and Creative Director of the Fashion Industry Database (also called FID).

Welcome – I would love to take you on a journey with me from the very beginning exploring how we, as consumers, can use a database to find what we are looking for when it comes to fashion (or clothing if that’s what you prefer to call it).

I find that there are so many options out there but still, I can’t find what I’m looking for in a simple straightforward way, which isn’t mainstream. Why? Perhaps because to be found in a search engine, fashion creatives needs to know about marketing, SEO and so on. I can imagine it would be exhausting for them but for me as a consumer, I also find it frustrating not to get the full range of options presented to me as many don’t pay to appear high up during a Google search.

If I’m looking for something specific, for example a woollen cardigan, I want to fairly quickly find out where I can buy one, whether it’s online or in a store – and also before purchasing, to know more about the maker, brand or business. To do that at present you have to do a lot of research and try to see through the marketing messages and all the white noise, which doesn’t exactly make the process any easier.

Therefore, this database (and we start with a directory) will be a place to search information about fashion makers, brands or businesses, which is how we categorise the fashion creatives at this point in time. Therefore I would like to take you on a journey to explore how you can use this database, benefit from following us and use the filtering system on our site.

I’m no fashionista but I do care about what I wear and I do believe there is a better way than what currently exists to be a consumer in the fashion world with all that it includes.

We will cover anything and everything fashion A-Z here – welcome to the FID blog!