Swedish Stockings – YES, REALLY – you can get Stockings that are Environmental and Sustainable! By Mathilde Bach Stougaard


With a love for dresses, hosiery (and especially stockings) can quickly become a basic item in the wardrobe! And don’t miss out on our special discount offer, which you can find at the end of the article.

For a start, enjoy this simple informative intro to Swedish Stockings,

When it comes to stockings, I have all kind of brands and patterns. One of my absolute favourite brands is Wolford, however this blog post is going to be with a different focus because it is now possible to get hosiery from the brand Swedish Stockings that are sustainable. In fact, “Swedish Stockings is the only sustainable brand of hosiery worldwide”.

I like to wear pairs that are sometimes a bit different as I tend to get bored with black and skin coloured ones. This is especially if I wear black as a block colour, which I would often do for a dress (however, my style has changed after becoming a mum). I also have some with stripes, kind of like tiger stripes on my legs, which are fun to wear because people REALLY notice them. I have had so many comments and questions about them, for example: What is that? Nice stockings! I thought those were tattoos. Argh, you are the one with those stockings – not sure if the last comment is good or bad, haha…

That said, that’s also partly why I don’t wear them too often and I need my basics more than anything else. And of course it’s good with some general pairs so why not buy with sustainability in mind when we actually can do that now, yay!

Here are a few quick facts about Swedish Stockings that I have tested out (and you can see the two styles below) – oh, and we like their mission statement too!


Swedish Stockings - Socks


  • The hosiery is produced from recycled yarn and this idea and business was developed by two female founders, Linn Frisinger and Nadja Forsberg from Sweden.
  • There is a guide to how you can best take care of your hosiery, for example, give them a stretch and avoid fabric softener (more here).
  • They really are sustainable and the whole process is thought through from start to end, which you can see here. In fact, they use “87.6% less energy” as they state as well as using solar power.
  • You can join their recycling club and help tidy up the industry, which is pretty awesome – read more here. (I NEED TO TRY THIS, especially as I normally just throw my old torn stockings in the bin. Or I should now say, I used to…).
Production facts
Swedish Stockings #4

And did you know that ‘normal’ nylons take 30-40 years to decompose in landfill sites? I don’t think many of us think of that – or used to – when buying hosiery (Down2Earth).

Here are a few pictures I have taken with the stockings for the purpose of this post so I made sure to have a bit of fun at the same time!

Images showcasing the OLIVIA TIGHTS, 60 DENIER.

So, what’s my opinion about them?

I would have to wear them many more times to say how they last compared with the other brands I have, however I already have an impression at this stage.

Top three ‘LOVING THEM’ features:

  1. I must admit, I was a bit sceptical at first as I thought the quality might have been compromised as it is all produced from recycled material. However, to my surprise, they are very comfortable, also around the waistline (this I always pay attention to).
  2. Great variety of styles regarding denier – in this case 2 different black styles, 20 and 60 denier (see definition below).
  3. I’m so thrilled that this brand exists! In the future, I will definitely check out their range before browsing for any other brands. If I can find what I need here, then I will get it rather than looking elsewhere first…


So, if you are part of the tribe that wants to be more sustainable and have a more positive impact on our environment, this brand is a must-have. I LOVE THEM! And next time I need to get dotted ones, that style is definitely going to be trialled from Swedish Stockings. Hit me up if you want to know what I think about those later on…

How amazing is this? I truly hope I have inspired some of you out there to buy more sustainable pairs when it comes to stockings. What can I say – try it now! I’m loving it.

Swedish Stockings, Denier 20 (by Mathilde)

Images showcasing the ELIN TIGHTS, 20 DENIER.

In case you still aren’t convinced to try this brand, here is a quick sum up…

“​Swedish Stockings produce pantyhose from regenerated and recycled nylon, or natural fibres, in a solar powered, zero-waste facility, with water purification and reuse systems in place. We are very proud to present our products as the first eco-friendly stockings while at the same time being stylish and durable.”

And if you want to help us build up the FID directory, we would love for you to write a review on their FID profile once you have tried yours (link below…).

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Mathilde Bach Stougaard is the Founder and Creative Director of FID.


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