Sometimes defined as love, sometimes loyalty. Sometimes, it’s worship.
Either way, it is powerful.
The fitting name for local designer Kortni Portia’s new luxury collection.

In the early days of February, I spent a Saturday on shoot with Kortni and her team. In my business as a fashion creative consultant, I have been working on-and-off with Kortni since the early days of her brand, and seize any opportunity to be involved with her creative process. She’s incredible to watch. A true artist, with a background in fashion styling and a spiritual mind, she radiates the kind of energy you would expect to encounter on the set of a Vogue shoot, or backstage at Paris Fashion Week.


The day began with a beautiful morning drive from inner city Brisbane to the shoot location – Kortni’s own gorgeous home in Little Mountain, Caloundra. I caught a lift with Natalie Skoric, talented freelance photographer based in Brisbane. Both Kortni and I have had the pleasure of working with Nat before and we never cease to re-book. We love her style, her talent, her eye for detail and the vibrance she brings to the set. When we arrived on set, Natalie, Kortni and I began re-arranging Kortni’s living room. The couches and rugs were pushed out of the way and Natalie and I set up her photography equipment, including a white background. The focus of the shoot was product photography. That is, simple, gorgeous photos that could be used on Kortni’s new e-commerce store, in preparation for her debut at the Melbourne Trades Show later that month (click here to see the final pictures on her website).


When the model and makeup artist arrived, it was time to begin shooting. The model quickly changed into the first look and stepped into our makeshift-studio. Sunlight filtered through the window, creating the perfect glow. As we worked through the styling and outfits, Kortni shared insight into her process with the collection. Over the past few weeks she had spent enormous amounts of time in the studio, putting everything together by hand.

“It’s crazy to see it all come to life,” she mused.

And it indeed it was. The collection was breathtaking – her best to date. A palette of luxurious blacks, blues and reds. A gorgeous array of materials. A new focus on the shape of the garments. Heavier fabrics than Kortni had ever used before.


Kortni’s lookbook describes the inspiration behind the phenomenal collection:

“Devotion A/W 19 collection is inspired by a trans-formative [sic] point of time in ones [sic] life. A moment of realization and awakening to inner strength and personal determination. ‘Devotion’ represents a women [sic] who embraces her sexuality, power and elegance. A women [sic] who knows what she wants out of life and is whole heartedly [sic] devoted to achieving it.

This collection provides a range of balanced sophistication for the fashion conscious woman on the go. Relaxed effortless styles, cocktail dresses with structured clean lines, bedazzled appliqué’s [sic] and floral lace.

Many styles feature in a variety of color [sic] and style options. All materials are hand selected by the designer from local and international wholesalers ensuring originality, durability and quality.”

As the lookbook describes, it really is a stunning collection. Decadent, luxurious, rich – a true manifestation of the concept of devotion..

You can purchase Kortni’s Devotion collection now on her website, as of the 10th of March 2019.

Samantha Haran is the founder of her namesake freelance fashion creative consultancy agency, and current Ambassador for Fashion Industry Database (FID). She attends events and networks with local companies on behalf of FID, and assists the database behind-the-scenes with social media and blogging.


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