Ri Fashion Studio – Finally, I’m having my old cardigan repaired! By Mathilde Bach Stougaard

We live in a buy-and-get–rid-of society so what happens with getting something repaired? Is it really cheaper and easier to buy something new rather than having it fixed by an alterationist?

I decided to find out and I must admit I have had a hole in the sleeve on my cardigan for much longer than I should have. I didn’t stop wearing it though (except sometimes…). It was still valuable for me, however my plan was to buy a new cardigan but now, I don’t have to quite yet (and this one has lasted me for years – only place I could find it browsing in the city at that time was David Jones, yes).

Perhaps I should start asking, why didn’t I get it fixed a long time ago? That’s a good question and while I can find a few excuses, it probably came down to it not being visible enough for me to do something about it quickly – however, I always felt annoyed that I hadn’t found the time for doing it when putting it on.

So, finally I really wanted to take it to an alterationist and I wanted to go to a small place rather than a big chain. I don’t live too far from Indooroopilly Shopping Centre in Brisbane so I decided to check out the options there. There is a place called LookSmart Alterations with around 20 different locations and then there is also place called Ri Fashion Studio, which I have passed several times whereas the other one is a bit hidden, I think. Anyway, I decided to give Ri Fashion a go, and even LookSmart Alterations has a good online appearance while Ri Fashion Studio could probably improve on that front in various ways, I decided to still give them a go.


Photo credit: Ri Fashion Studio

I rocked up wearing my cardigan and was met with a smiling and friendly staff member, who quickly consulted with a colleague about my options. I wanted to add an edgy detail on all the borders but that wasn’t recommended, as that would be tricky to do. A couple of times I didn’t understand what was being said as they did consult in a different language but as long as they explained it to me in English afterwards, I didn’t mind. I was in doubt if they understood my requests fully though at first but at the end I felt confident that they understood me.

So we decided to make the sleeves a bit shorter, move the original sleeve edge up and that way would also cover the hole. And who would had thought, we then suddenly realised the other sleeve was slightly broken on the edge but nothing major though. I decided to get it all fixed up.

Quickly I put it on, decided the length and was told to pick it up around a week later.

When picking it up, I was met by a different staff member who was also friendly and helpful. As I had already paid for the service ($35) when I handed it in, it was just a quick in and out this time.

I got home but then realised that the sleeves weren’t sewed the same way for some reason. One was stretchy and the other one was stiff. That was no good, so I decided to take it in again. It is a woollen cardigan and it’s a bit stretchy so having no stretch in one sleeve didn’t work well and I guess it should have been the same for both sleeves no matter how it was done.

This time I was also meet by the friendly staff and there weren’t any problems. The lady at the counter accepted the return as she understood the issue.

The next pick up went well and I checked the cardigan while in the store (which I should have done the first time) before going home. After a wash I checked again and it is all good now.

I have always washed my woollen cardigan in the washing machine on the wool setting and on cold wash. Ideally, I should hand wash or hang it out but I like it to be washed properly compared with my hand washing – but it does mean that is has shrunken over the years but I don’t mind as long as it still looks okay (not like turning into a baby cardigan if it has been washed on warm). And it seems to keep the size now and has for a long time.

The cardi is repaired and sleeve looking good!


Flay lay by Mathilde Bach Stougaard

Even though the cardigan wasn’t done properly the first time, I would probably go back as the service was good and they quickly made up for their mistake. I will try another alterationist in Brisbane in the future as part of blogging about my experiences but I would still choose Ri Fashion over another big chain to support small businesses.

If you have ever used them, please feel free to write a review on their FID profile. I also want to add that the first time I visited them, another customer started talking to me about how good they were and that she always used them for everything (they do more than just alterations, anything from alterations to made to measure). I think I was just a bit unlucky with my first visit but only a second visit can tell, right? I did mention I wanted to write a blog the first time I visited, which the lady there was happy about…

I was planning to get a new cardigan and had already been browsing online to know about my options but that’s’ for another time now. And I’m just saying, it’s not easy to find from a small or local business! Would love to hear from anyone who knows of other places…

If you are looking for one, you might find my research useful before making a purchase.

I was mainly looking for one with round or v-neck, middle length, buttons and semi or long sleeves – did a quick search and found the following, see links below.

Psst, this is my favourite purely from the look! Next time I buy a cardigan, this is it – just need to try it on first…


Photo credit: Scanlan Theodore

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